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ACP applicants who need new VFS appointment
Dear ACP clients,
Your questions should be answered below.
If you still have questions, you can email
If your employer, school, or doctor needs confirmation that you have applied for an ASP permit at VFS, please show them the receipt that VFS provided you.
Please contact us on if you have any further questions about this.
This information is only for those ACP clients who did NOT go to their VFS appointment.
I have not been to a VFS appointment. What do I do?
VFS will SMS you to make you a new VFS appointment. If, after 16 November 2017, you still have not received an SMS regarding VFS, please contact Scalabrini urgently on 021 465 6433 or email
How do I fill out the online form?
VFS have made a special section of their website (click here) for ACP applicants. On this site, you will see that there is a form and a checklist to fill out.
Print both these documents. Fill out the application form and bring this with you to the VFS appointment.
Use the checklist to make sure that you have all the required documents with you.
What do I need to bring to the VFS appointment?
The VFS checklist also lists what is needed at your VFS appointment.
1. The completed VFS form.
2. Your original Angolan passport with the original ACP permit inside.
3. A photocopy of the photo-page of your Angolan passport and a photocopy of your ACP permit.
4. Employment/study documents:
- If you are employed: you must bring a sworn affidavit from your employer confirming your employment. This should be a letter that is signed, recently dated and containing the company contact details. This letter must be certified true by a Commissioner of Oaths (this can be signed at a police station, bank, post office). Alternatively, you can hand in a contract of employment, so long as it is valid.
- If you are self-employed: you must bring your business registration with CPIC, or SARS registration of business. If you do not have these, you must bring a completed affidavit, please click here to download this affidavit.
- If you are studying: you must bring an updated, current letter from your school, university or college confirming that you are currently studying.
- If you are retired: you must bring proof of retirement or proof of income that is earned as a retired person, or an affidavit that states how you support yourself as a retired person.
- If you are not studying or working: you must bring a completed affidavit, explaining your situation and why you are not working, and how you intend to support yourself.
5. Your Scalabrini yellow receipt. This receipt was given to you when you made application to residency. It has a case number in the top right hand corner.
6. If your police clearance certificate arrived late (after your permanent residency application was given to Home Affairs on 15 February 2015), you must bring your police clearance certificate to your VFS appointment. If you handed in your police clearance certificate with your permanent residency application, you do not need to bring a police clearance certificate.
7. If you have applied for a new Angolan passport (if your former Angolan passport is near expiry, expired or lost), you must also bring your new Angolan passport or proof of application to a new Angolan passport.
Please remember, if you do not hand in these documents, your residency permit might not be issued. It is very important that you bring all these documents to the VFS appointment.
Where will the VFS appointment take place?
If you live in Cape Town: when VFS SMSes you, you will be given a time and date to come to Scalabrini. The VFS company will set up an office at Scalabrini Hall.
If you live in Johannesburg, Durban or Pretoria: when VFS SMSes you, you will be given an appointment to go to the VFS office in that city.
My police clearance certificate arrived after my residency application was handed in to Home Affairs. What must I do?
If your police clearance certificate arrived after the application was given to Home Affairs on 15 February 2017, you must make an appointment with VFS (as explained above) and you must bring your police clearance certificate to the VFS appointment with you.
I gave my police clearance certificate to Scalabrini. What do I do?
We will communicate with you about this. When you come to your VFS appointment at Scalabrini, we will give back your police clearance certificate. Please bring your yellow receipt.
If you submitted your residency application in Johannesburg, you would have applied at Legal Resources Centre or Lawyers for Human Rights. Your police clearance certificate is ready for collection at the relevant office. You would have received an SMS about this.
I have a criminal record. What do I do?
VFS will SMS you to make an appointment with them. You must still accept an appointment with VFS, as explained above. Once you have been to the VFS appointment, Home Affairs will consider your application taking into account the specific facts of your situation. VFS will call you or send you an sms once Home Affairs has made a decision on your application.
I have a new Angolan passport. What do I do?
When you go to the VFS appointment, you must bring the Angolan passport that has the ACP permit inside, and photocopies of the photo page and the ACP permit. You must also bring your new Angolan passport.
I have lost my passport. What do I do?
When you go to the VFS appointment, you must bring a copy of the Angolan passport that had the ACP permit inside. You must also bring a copy of the ACP permit itself. You must also bring your new Angolan passport, or proof of application for the new passport.
I have a new cell phone number. What must I do?
Please give the new cell number to reception at Scalabrini by calling 021 465 6433.
These permits will expire in four years from date of issue. What will happen then?
These applications to permanent residency were ‘exemption’ applications. Under this section of the immigration law, the Minister of Home Affairs has a right to grant the rights of permanent residency for any time period. In this case she decided to grant the rights of permanent residency a period of four years.
If you are issued this residency permit, you can make applications to another type of visa if you wish (for example, a spousal visa or a work visa, among others). A year before expiry, you could apply for another exemption or consider the other visa options that may be made available to you at that time.
Posted in September 2017 in Press Releases.
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