The Scalabrini Centre offers hiring space for conferences, workshops and bigger events.
Reception office open from 8:00 – 17:00.
The best reason for hiring our facilities is: You will have access to a clean space in the CBD while simultaneously supporting a great cause! All the profits made are used to sustain our many projects at the Scalabrini Centre. Our facilities include:
Right across from the Conference Room, we have two classrooms with a capacity for around 20 people each. Desks and chairs are provided, as well as a whiteboard per class.
As we have English classes for our clients Monday to Friday, these can be made available on Saturdays.
Hiring fee: R600.00
Non-profit organization rate: R500.00
If you require a large, open space for a special event, or a big meeting, look no further! Our hall can accommodate up to 200 people, with as many chairs as you require, and a stage perfect for live performances or as a platform for speakers. We can provide long trestle tables for refreshments, and there are toilets conveniently located within the hall itself. As it is on the ground floor and has its own entrance, it is easily accessible from the street.
Hiring fee: R2,800.00
Non-profit organization rate: R 1,900.00
Meeting spaces
If you require smaller meeting spaces, we have 3 different sized rooms available for use, seating between 10 and 25 people, with or without tables.
We can provide refreshment tables, and there are toilets conveniently located near each of the meeting rooms.
Hiring fee: Workshop and training rooms: R700.00, meeting room: R400.00
Non-profit organization rate: Workshop and training rooms: R 600.00, meeting room; R350.00