Employment Access
The Employment Access Programme (EAP) assists individuals who are looking for work. Through a combination of skills training and personal development programmes, we help them gain the necessary tools for success in the job market.
Looking for work can be a job in itself, so we take a multi-step approach in preparing our clients for the challenge of finding employment. Starting with basic instructions on how to write CVs and submit strong job applications, our support continues through to sector-specific skills training and career coaching. For foreign clients who have already earned a professional qualification in their home country, we can also help with the process of having their qualifications recognized in the South African business environment.
Throughout the process we are constantly encouraging our clients to be proactive, and to master the skills they need so they can ultimately apply for work on their own. We offer a range of training in job readiness skills and hold monthly support groups where peers can share tips on what works and what doesn’t when looking for employment.
  • To facilitate access to employment in order to promote socioeconomic integration.
  • To provide clients with the resources and support needed for successful employment applications.
  • To facilitate training in skills that are necessary to find employment, encouraging a proactive approach and ensuring knowledge on rights and responsibilities.
  • To promote the inclusion of foreign professionals into the relevant occupational sectors.
  • To deliver services in line with the Scalabrini ethos.
Employment Help Desk
Our Employment Help Desk is our most popular service. With drop-in hours every morning, we offer the fundamentals that every person needs when looking for work. Our team helps to write CVs and send out job applications, and we also identify clients who might need extra support in their job search, and work with them to develop a customized action plan.
Foreign Professionals Desk
Designed to support individuals with a higher level of education or training, the Foreign Professionals Desk offers assistance with translation of qualification documents and with the process required to have them recognized in the South African context. In some cases additional training might be required and the FPD works with each client to determine the best course of action in order to find relevant work opportunities.
Skills Training
Our Skills Training programme is a mix of internal training provided by the EAP team, and sponsorship for sector-specific training at partner institutions. We often see our clients struggle to find work because they are lacking the basic skills required for even entry-level jobs. By providing training in computer skills, life skills, and advice on CV writing and how to prepare for an interview, we equip individuals with the tools needed to be more competitive in the job market.