Unite as One
The Unite Schools Club is an after school extra-curricular programme that is an extension of the previous Unite as One campaign. The aim of the club is to work with Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners to improve leadership skills and develop skills in community activism in order to foster attitudes and actions that reflect respect for all cultures within South African communities.
The Unite Schools Club was developed in order to include learners who had participated in the Unite as One programme in the past, and to provide additional access for students who want to continue to engage in the programme beyond the classroom.
The Club provides a space for learners to participate in discussions, debates, and workshops around issues such as cultural diversity, human rights, and leadership. The club encourages learners to think critically about their contribution to their communities, and effective ways to enact change. Learners then take responsibility and engage with their school educators to identify key problem areas in their school and discuss viable solutions.
The aim to the Club is to provide learners with the tools to become conscious minded, engaged citizens who are capable of making informed decisions, both in their personal life and otherwise.
The Unite Schools Club is active in four schools in the Western Cape, and is open to learners from Grades 10, 11 and 12.
  • To reduce dominant xenophobic and discriminatory thoughts in schools within the Cape Town area
  • To promote cultural diversity and appreciation for human rights