Women's Platform
A multi-national network of women.
We are building a multi-national network of women that strengthens individuals to enhance economic independence and integration into the broader South African community. Broadly speaking, the Women’s Platform is a network where women can facilitate connections, share knowledge and resources, and access opportunities. Specifically, the Platform offers a variety of practical peer-led training's. The network is cultivated through two areas of focus; personal development and financial sustainability.
  • To develop a multi-national women’s network that serves as a platform for women to access and share resources for personal skills, and business development.
  • To respond the network’s needs and interests through hosting workshops that relate to health, human rights, leadership, and preparing for work.
  • To support training in personal and professional development, including communication skills, networking, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and self-esteem development.
  • To support training in skills necessary to find employment, including computer literacy, childcare, hospitality, and artisan skills.
  • To deliver services in line with the Scalabrini ethos.
Personal Development Portfolio
The Personal Development Portfolio offers opportunities for continuing education and awareness by offering open workshops related to health, human rights, leadership, and preparing for work. This portfolio also offers an 8 session Personal Development Group, which acts as a point of entry for all Platform members. The overall aim of the group is to orient and integrate new members into the platform, distill the platform ethos, and to equip attendees with basic personal development skills, such as communication, goal-setting, teamwork, professionalism, and self-esteem development. A women’s health clinic, typing courses, and a leadership development group are also components of this portfolio. As Women’s Platform members become trained in the content areas discussed above as well as the skills of facilitation, they will increasingly take on the leadership of the Platform.
Business Development
There are two components of the financial sustainability portfolio: peer-led sector training's, assessments and small business development. The aim of the peer-led sector training is to advance members once they have completed the Personal Development Group by offering them sector-specific skills training. These training's are designed to address skills gaps and enable continuous learning to our clients. The aim of the small business development is to increase member’s knowledge and skills to take advantage of the South African economy. It also assists in growing small businesses by providing key insights to entrepreneurship and financial support and provides a space where women can learn strategies and best practice from each other. Both programs aim to support members to generate an income; develop key financial literacy skills; fight isolation and poverty as well as become integrated and active members of Cape Town. Upon completion of each course, members receive one on one follow-up support to determine what each individual needs in order to successfully find or create employment and find opportunities for members to showcase their talents.