Women's Platform
A multi-national network of women
Migrant women fight isolation by sharing opportunities and experiences and thereby transforming their lives to become self-sufficient, engaged members of South African society.
We are building a multi-national network of women that strengthens individuals to enhance economic independence and integration into the broader South African community. Broadly speaking, the Women’s Platform is a network where women can facilitate connections, share knowledge and resources, and access opportunities. Specifically, the Platform offers a variety of practical peer-led trainings. The network is cultivated through two areas of focus; personal development and financial sustainability.
  • To develop a multi-national women’s network that serves as a platform for women to access and share resources for personal skills, and business development.
  • To respond the network’s needs and interests through hosting workshops that relate to health, human rights, leadership, and preparing for work.
  • To support training in personal and professional development, including communication skills, networking, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and self-esteem development.
  • To support training in skills necessary to find employment, including computer literacy, childcare, hospitality, and artisan skills.
1. Platform Meetings: Networking events that take place bi-monthly.
2. English Alive Course (8 sessions): This course offers members extra English practice while introducing key vocabulary and ideas used throughout the Women’s Platform’s trainings.
3. Personal Development Group (9 sessions): A group which aims to enhance attendee’s self-awareness and the sense of self as a resource while improving personal development skills, such as effective communication, goal setting, conflict resolution, and job-seeking behaviours. This workshop is an entry requirement for the platform.
4. Open Workshops: Opportunities for members to attend once-off specific trainings in areas related to Health, Leadership, Preparing for Work and Human Rights.
5. Computer Skills Courses (5 sessions): including courses to improve typing, excel and internet skills.
6. Sector Skills Training (between 14-18 sessions): These trainings are available for graduates from the Personal Development Course. These skills trainings are practical and peer-led trainings in specific artisan industries in South Africa. At present, we offer basic, non-accredited trainings in the Craft, Nail technician, Childcare and Hospitality industries. These trainings endeavour to support members with income generation; developing key financial literacy skills; combatting isolation and poverty as well as becoming integrated and active members of Cape Town.
7. Mentorship: After completing a specific sector training, members receive individualised, one on one follow-up support to determine what their next steps are in finding employment.
8. Small Business Course (5 sessions): A course to equip members with the necessary knowledge, theoretical background and abilities to start their own small business venture in a South African context.
9. Small Business Growth Grant: To support the business ideas aimed at income generation developed within the Small Business Skills Course, the Platform provides small financial support in the form of Small Business Growth Grants to a limited number of women should they meet requirements and criteria.