English School Teaching

Part Time

Minimum commitment: 3 months

English School Teaching Volunteer Overview

The English School teaching volunteer position involves engaging with and teaching English to a group of adults (the level at which you teach is negotiable). This is a volunteer position. Currently, we have two people in the classroom – a teacher and an assistant teacher. The assistant teacher plays an integral role in helping to build a safe learning environment in the classroom through supporting the teacher. The teacher is responsible for planning and delivering lessons to facilitate the language of learning of our clients.

Tasks may include but not limited to:

Plan and deliver lessons to classes of up to 20+ students.
Follow the curriculum as set out by the English School.
Assisting in delivering and marking of homework and tests.
Working with the teaching assistant.

Skills and attributes needed:

An understanding of the respectful principle of adult learning.
A servant-leadership disposition is important in order to be able to effectively deal with many and diverse people in a fluctuating environment.
Hard-working and dedicated to serving our clients and working alongside a diverse team.

Assistant teacher tasks may include but not limited to:

Working alongside the main teacher.
Taking a register of attendance.
Accurate register recording.
Taking in homework and helping with the marking of homework and tests.
Answering questions in the classroom (this often involves moving around the classroom to offer one-on-one support guidance).
Starting and maintaining a WhatsApp support group.
The assistant teacher also plays an integral role in helping to build a safe learning environment in the classroom.


We require a minimum commitment of three hours per week for a minimum of 12 weeks. Your classes would either be on Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday or the full three hours on a Friday.
*Please note this is an unpaid position.

English School Volunteer

"Creating relationships with the clients in the English School had a profound impact on my time here at Scalabrini. I was able to talk to clients about their experiences in South Africa. It opened my eyes to another world. I was able to ground myself to what others experienced in reference to my own life."

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