Employment Access Programme

Providing a gateway to employment

Our Objective

The Employment Access Programme aims to promote socioeconomic integration of asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and South Africans “in need" by facilitating access to employment.

Our objectives are to:

  • – Provide clients with resources and support needed for successful employment applications.
  • – Facilitate training in skills that are necessary to find employment, encouraging a proactive approach and ensuring knowledge of rights and responsibilities.
  • – Promote the inclusion of foreign professionals into the relevant formal occupational sectors.
  • – Bridge job seekers with employment opportunities and facilitate job placement.

Accessing the Employment Access Programme

The Employment Access Programme supports foreign nationals who are legally entitled to look for work in South Africa. We provide skills training, professional development and resources needed for success in the job market. Internal and external courses are also provided, focusing on job readiness, computer literacy and sector-specific trainings.

To access the Employment Access Programme, please visit Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town at 9am from Mondays-Fridays. Clients are required to bring valid documents (South African ID, valid refugee or asylum permit, or valid visa) to access the service.

Focus Areas

Job Placement Service
EAP’s Job Placement Service aims to connect employers to unemployed migrants.
Help Desk
The Help Desk assists clients find employment by offering support in the job application process.
Skills Training
The Skills Training project consists of both internal and external trainings, workshops and courses.
Foreign Professionals Desk
This service offers assistance to foreign clients who have a three-year degree or higher.

Volunteer For The Employment Access Programme

Our volunteers come from all over the world and bring a diverse set of experiences, knowledge and abilities. They support every aspect of Scalabrini’s programmes, from English lessons and administrative support, to outreach and advocacy work.

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