Skills Training

The Skills Training project consists of both internal and external trainings, workshops and courses.

Cape Town Skills Training Project

The Skills Training project consists of both internal and external trainings, workshops and courses. It has been proven that clients who access a range of services from EAP, and skills training and networking opportunities in particular, increase their chances of finding a job. The workshops include:

1. Job Readiness (FREE)
The workshop builds confidence and self-esteem to apply for work, focusing on phone etiquette, interview preparation and interview skills. All clients registered with EAP qualify to attend the workshop.
2. Foundational digital literacy (R250)
Learn the foundations of Computer Literacy, the main components of a computer, programmes and applications, and basic Internet and email. A strong focus will be on improving typing skills. The course runs for six days from 1-4pm.
3. Fundamentals Of Excel (R250)
This workshop is designed to master the basics of MS Excel. If your goal is to work in a call centre, reception, administration, or an office environment, Excel will be a requirement. Participants must bring their own USB stick. The workshop runs for six weeks, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-12 and costs ZAR250.
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4. MS Word essentials (R250)
MS Word allows users to produce and share documents. We cover: writing and editing text, formatting and styles, creating tables and graphics, as well as proofing. The workshop runs for six weeks, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-12.
5. Professional Skills Course (FREE)
This workshop focuses on professionalism in the workplace. Training provides the tools required to adapt to South Africa’s corporate environment, maintain the employment and possibly gain a promotion. Topics covered include self-image, self-marketing, integration into the workplace and managing conflict and salary negotiations. The workshops are standalone and take place about once a month from 1-4pm.
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6. Skills Training Sponsorship
The Skills Training Sponsorship project was created to sponsor foreign clients with practical and applicable skills at relevant training providers and centres. We focus on entry-level training, as most clients have a Matric qualification or lower. Our skills training database contains reputable adult training facilities that can increase the clients’ skill level, and in turn, increase clients’ chances of gaining employment. After training, clients are further assisted through our post-training Graduate Support Programme.
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7. Graduate Support Programme
This service is aimed at clients who have graduated from the Skills Training Sponsorship and Work Support Group programmes. They work on a one-on-one basis with an EAP team member. During the appointments, CVs are reviewed and revised, making certain that it markets the client correctly for the desired employment sector. Intensive career advice is given, including further phone etiquette and interview practice. Clients are shown how to research potential employers in order to drop off their CVs and how to apply online. We have already seen an increased number of interviews and/or employment opportunities as a result of the Graduate Support Programme.

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