English School

Our Objective

To improve English communication skills in order to facilitate the socioeconomic integration and wellbeing of asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and South Africans.

Accessing the English School

Refugees and migrants who lack English language skills face greater barriers in adjusting to life in South Africa, accessing social services, and securing employment. To address this need, we provide a specialised English language school to promote empowerment, integration, and student success.

To enrol in the English School, applicants must:

  • – Provide R300 fee.
  • – Complete a placement test which determines the level in which the English student will be placed in.

There are three dates per year when students can enrol. For the next registration date, please contact reception on 021 465 6433 or email rhoda@scalabrini.org.za.


Focus Areas

1. English Classes
The English School curriculum was developed specifically for Scalabrini clients, and is thematically organised to assist our clients with integration in Cape Town. The curriculum is divided into levels from Beginner A to Intermediate B, and the standards for each level are aligned with the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR). Classes are taught by a team of around 25 volunteer teachers inducted into the digital curriculum.
• 12 weeks per term
• Two 90-minute learning sessions per week
• Written and oral tests
• R300 fee per term
2. Literacy Programme
We have a basic literacy and handwriting class for students who have had interrupted learning opportunities or who do not know the alphabet. The material used is an adaptation of the now-defunct National Literacy Campaign. These students remain in this class until they have the skills and confidence to join the first Beginner level.
• 12 week course
• Certificates are awarded based on attendance
• Focus on learning to read and write in English
• R300 fee per term

Registration has closed

Volunteer With English School

Our volunteers come from all over the world and bring a diverse set of experiences, knowledge and abilities. They support every aspect of Scalabrini’s programmes, from English lessons and administrative support, to outreach and advocacy work.

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