Volunteer Bachelor Support Programme | Scalabrini

Full Time

Minimum commitment: three months.

BASP Volunteer Overview

BASP is a new programme for Scalabrini, introduced in 2018. The programme provides academic support for 150 students who are mostly refugees. Scalabrini acts as the facilitator to assist students in completing an online Bachelor’s Degree. The subjects vary and degrees are offered in Business, Public Administration, Customer Experience and Health Care Management. The programme supports promising students through their personal experience as they navigate their academic journey.

Tasks may include but not limited to:

One-on-one mentoring and academic support.
Assist in the BASP lab.
Curriculum development.
Database maintenance.
General operations.

Skills and attributes needed:

Confident in using a computer.
Flexible and energetic.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Empathetic style of communication.
Calm under pressure.
Logical and creative thinker.


We require a minimum commitment of three months, Monday-Friday from 8.30am-4.30pm.

All Rounder Volunteer

"My favourite thing is seeing people progress from when they start and it is difficult, to when they master their first project. It’s been interesting to see how the world is moving to online degrees and the pros and cons of that model. Without the assistance Scalabrini provides, this degree would be incredibly difficult."

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