Volunteer Welfare

Full Time

Minimum commitment: three months.

Welfare Volunteer Overview

The Welfare volunteer is expected to work aligned with these key values and adhere to all organizational policies. The roles of the Welfare Intern are to assist the welfare team in their daily tasks, to work closely with clients in order to find sustainable solutions, to monitor and evaluate the work of welfare in order to screen impact and effectiveness.

Tasks may include but not limited to:

Assist the welfare team in making proper assessment (in various languages) in order to offer the best assistance.
Assist in solution finding for special case/emergency case clients (helping on accessing hospitals or clinics, providing information relating to social grants, finding available skills training and support groups, buying emergency supplies or transport tickets.) Work therefore closely with the welfare officer.
Develop action plans with the clients in order to improve their situation in the long term and raising their independency.
Referring clients to other sources of help, as appropriate (e.g. housing and accommodation support services, shelters, employment support services, medical health services, psychiatric services, counselling services, social work services, legal services) using a written referral form.
Assisting other departments with internal communication materials if needed.
Conduct ‘home visits’ to the most vulnerable and marginalized clients, monitoring the living conditions of the clients and evaluating the possibilities of improvement.
Developing and conducting a Monitoring and Evaluation system, to ensure the effectiveness of the Welfare Desk.
Network sourcing in order to facilitate the referring of clients.
Attend regular meetings with the welfare team.

Skills and attributes needed:

Active Listening. Much of the welfare personnel role is to listen effectively.
Emotional Intelligence.
Critical Thinking.
Tolerance and Setting Boundaries.
Openness to learning and growing within the volunteer experience.
Communication skills (English essential) + any other African language.
Administration skills.
Social work background. e.g. auxiliary social worker


We require a minimum commitment of three months, Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

All Rounder Volunteer

Clara Coetzee
"I’ve learnt not only to work with a large number of different people, which is something to get used to, but also to connect with a people from a variety of backgrounds, with different language levels and how to navigate that."

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